About Us

Our team has a consistent history in the mortgage industry of closing loans very quickly and efficiently at the exact requirements of the client.

Founded by previous executives in retail home lending with 15 years of combined experience in the financial industry, and over one billion dollars in clean and closed loans, we are the firm that ensures you receive the perfect loan for your situation. Whether you are looking for a refinance, an equity loan, or a home purchase, Loan X has all the necessary tools to service you and help achieve your goals. We believe simplicity is key to every transaction because our clients' time is very valuable, and our goal is to increase our own efficiency every day.

Our people

Our world-class team

Tim Dankha

NMLS: 1203238

Lucas Barbat

Vice President/ Co-Founder
NMLS: 1675654

Matthew Hakim

Vice President/Co-Founder
NMLS: 1603650

Chris Essak

Vice President/Co-Founder
NMLS: 1461156

Alec Haddad

Vice President/Co-Founder
NMLS: 1626991